GL-820 เครื่องบันทึกอุณหภูมิ ความชื้น เชื่อมต่อคอมพิวเตอร์ ผ่าน USB/ LAN cable

GL820 Series   Multi-Channel Data Logger - 20 Channels


จุดเด่นของเครื่องบันทึกข้อมูลเอนกประสงค์  GL820

  • เชื่อมต่อโพรบวัดอุณหภูมิ, ความชื้น, Voltage
  • Isolated input 20 channels (เพิ่มช่องได้สูงสุด 200 ช่องเสียบ)
  • Built-in 2GB Flash Memory
  • เชื่อมต่อคอมพิวเตอร์ ผ่าน USB/ LAN cable
  • Graphtec มาตรฐานญี่ปุ่นผู้นำด้านเครื่องบันทึกข้อมูล คุณสามารถวางใจได้ด้วยคุณภาพพรีเมี่ยม ในราคาที่คุ้มค่าเหลือเชื่อ   


GL820 Main Unit Specifications

item Description
Number of analog input channels 20 ch, Expandable up to 200 ch by unit of 20 ch
External input output Input *1 Trigger or Sampling input 1ch, Logic or Pulse input 4 ch
Output *1 Alarm output 4 ch
Sampling interval 10 ms to 1 h (in 10 ms to 50 ms, voltage only and limited channel), External
Time scale 1 sec to 24 hour/division
Trigger function Action Start or stop capturing data by the trigger
Source Start: Off, Input signal, Alarm, External *1, Clock, Week or Time
Stop: Off, Input signal, Alarm, External *1, Clock, Week or Time
Combination OR or AND condition at the level of signal or edge of signal
Condition Analog: Rising, Falling, Window-in, Window-out
Pulse: Rising, Falling, Window-in, Window-out
Logic: Rising, Falling
Alarm function Detecting method Level or edge of signal
Condition Analog: Rising, Falling, Window-in, Window-out
Pulse: Rising, Falling, Window-in, Window-out
Logic: Rising, Falling
Alarm output*1 4 channels, Output type: Open collector (pulled-up to 5 V by resistor 10 kΩ)
Pulse input function *1 Accumulating count mode Accumulating the number of pulses from the start of measurement
Range: 50, 500, 5k, 50k, 500k, 5M, 50M, 500M counts/F.S.
Instant count mode Counting the number of pulses per sampling interval
Range: 50, 500, 5k, 50k, 500k, 5M, 50M, 500M counts/F.S.
Rotation count (RPM) mode Counting the number of pulses per second and then it is converted to RPM
Range: 50, 500, 5k, 50k, 500k, 5M, 50M, 500M rpm /F.S.
Max. input pulse rate 50k pulses/sec or 50k counts per sampling interval (16 bits counter is used)
Calculation function Between channels Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division for analog input
Statistical Select two calculations from Average, Peak, Max., Min., RMS
Search function Search for analog signal levels, values of logic or pulse or alarm point in captured data
Interface to PC Ethernet (10 BASE-T/100 BASE-TX), USB (Full speed)
Storage device Built-in Flash memory (2 giga-bytes), USB memory device *2
Data saving function Captured data Direct saving of data into built-in Flash memory or USB memory device
Others Setting conditions, Screen copy
Ring capturing mode Function: ON/OFF, Number of capturing point: 1000 to 2000000 (size of the capture data will be limited to 1/3 of available memory when in Ring Mode)
USB memory device emulation USB Memory emulation mode (Transfer or delete the file in built-in memory)
Engineering scale function Set based on the reference point of the scaled output and input signal for each channel (Voltage measurement: four points are necessary to scale the output, Temperature measurement: two points are necessary to scale the output).
Display Size 5.7 inch TFT color LCD (VGA: 640 x 480 dots)
Formats Waveform + Digital, Waveform only, Calculation + Digital, Expanded digital
Operating environment 0 °C to 45°C, 5 % to 85 % RH
(When operating with battery pack 0 °C to 40 °C, charging battery 15 °C to 35°C)
Power source AC adapter (100 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz)
DC power (8.5 V to 24 V DC, max. 26.4 V)*3, Battery pack*3
Power consumption 32VA or lower
(When operating with AC adapter, displaying LCD, charging battery pack)
External dimensions (WxDxH) approx. 232 x 152 x 50 mm
Weight approx. 900 g (Excluding AC adapter and battery pack)

Standard accessories

Item Description Quantity
AC adapter 100 V to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz (with specified type of power cord) 1set
CD-ROM User's manual (PDF format), Application software 1piece
Quick Start Guide   1copy

Analog input specifications

Item Description
Type of input terminal Screw terminal (M3 screw)
input method Scans by the photo-MOS-relay, all channels isolated, balanced input
Measurement range Voltage Temperature 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 mV, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 V, and 1-5 V /F.S.
Thermocouple: K, J, E, T, R, S, N, and W (WRe5-26)
Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs): Pt100, JPt100 (JIS), Pt1000 (IEC751)
Humidity 0 to 100%
(using humidity sensor (B-530 optional), power is supplied to only one sensor)
Filter Off, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40 (moving average in selected number)
Measurement accuracy *4 Voltage 0.1% of F.S.
Temperature Thermocouple Measurement range Measurement accuracy
R/S 0 °C ≦ TS ≦ 100 °C
100 °C ≦ TS ≦ 300 °C
R: 300 °C ≦ TS ≦ 1600 °C
S: 300 °C ≦ TS ≦ 1760 °C
±5.2 °C
±3.0 °C
±(0.05 % of reading +2.0 °C)
±(0.05 % of reading +2.0 °C)
B 400 °C ≦ TS ≦ 600 °C
600 °C ≦ TS ≦ 1820 °C
±3.5 °C
±(0.05% of reading +2.0 °C)
K -200 °C ≦ TS ≦ -100 °C
-100 °C ≦ TS ≦ 1370 °C
±(0.05 % of reading +2.0 °C)
±(0.05 % of reading +1.0 °C)
E -200 °C ≦ TS ≦ -100 °C
-100 °C ≦ TS ≦ 800 °C
±(0.05 % of reading +2.0 °C)
±(0.05 % of reading +1.0 °C)
T -200 °C ≦ TS ≦ -100 °C
-100 °C ≦ TS ≦ 400 °C
±(0.1 % of reading +1.5 °C)
±(0.1 % of reading +0.5 °C)
J -200 °C ≦ TS ≦ -100 °C
-100 °C ≦ TS ≦ 100 °C
100 °C ≦ TS ≦ 1100 °C
±2.7 °C
±1.7 °C
±(0.05 % of reading +1.0 °C)
N 0 °C ≦ TS ≦ 1300 °C ±(0.1 % of reading +1.0 °C)
W 0 °C ≦ TS ≦ 2000 °C ±(0.1 % of reading +1.5 °C)
  Reference Junction Compensation (R.J.C.): ±0.5 °C
RTD Measurement range Measurement accuracy
Pt100 -200 °C to 850 °C (FS=1050 °C) ±1.0 °C
JPt100 -200 °C to 500 °C (FS=700 °C) ±0.8 °C
Pt1000 -200 °C to 500 °C (FS=700 °C) ±0.8 °C
A/D Converter ΣΔtype, 16 bits (effective resolution: 1/40000 of measuring full range)
Maximum input voltage Between +/- terminal 60 Vp-p
Between channels 60 Vp-p
Between channels / GND 60 Vp-p
Withstand voltage Between channels 350 Vp-p (1minute)
Between channels(-) / GND 350 Vp-p (1minute)
Logic alarm cable (B-513) option is required.
Input signal of External sampling, Logic, Pulse; Maximum voltage: 24 V, Threshold: approx. 2.5 V, Hysteresis: approx. 0.5 V
Size of the USB memory device is unlimited. Maximum file size is limited to 2 GB
DC drive cable (B-514) or battery pack (B-517) option is required.
Subject to the following conditions;
  • Room Temperature is 23 °C±5 °C
  • When 30 minutes or more have elapsed after power was turned on.
  • Filter is set to 10
  • Sampling rate is set to 1s with 20 channels.
  • GND terminal is connected to ground.


Options and accessories

Item Model number Remarks
Logic alarm cable B-513 2m long (no clip on end of cable)
DC drive cable B-514 2m long (no clip on end of cable)
Battery pack B-517 1piece (7.4V 2200mAh, 17Wh)
Humidity sensor* B-530 3m long (with power plug)
Extension terminal base kit B-537 Terminal base, cable
20ch extension terminal set B-538 Terminal base, Terminal unit (20ch), fixing plate
Logic alarm cable 
DC drive cable
Battery pack 
Humidity sensor
Extension terminal base kit
20ch extension terminal set
Operating environment: -25°C to 80°C

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